Academic Background



2011-2012 Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (IEUT UC).
  Msc. in Urban Development (MDU) | Thesis with maximum distinction.Scholar of Advanced Human Capital Formation Program of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT).
2004-2010 Faculty of Design, Architecture and Urban Studies, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (FADEU UC)
  Architect Degree and Bachelor of Architecture Degree | Urban Design Project with maximum distinction.

A C A D E M I C   E X P E R I E N C E

2013 Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies (IEUT UC) | Researcher Assistant.
  • “Index of Urban Quality Life” | Analysis of the Regulatory Plans of the Chilean metropolis, in order to assess their intentions to improve the quality of urban life.
2012-2013 Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies (IEUT UC) | Teaching Assistant.
  • Courses:

“Heritage and City (IEU 2069)”
“Urban Explorations (IEU 2021)”
“Infrastructure and of the Metropolis  (IEU 2017)”
“Heritage and Urban Image (IEU 2018)”.


2007 Institute of Popular Education (INFOCAP) – Teacher.
  • Course: “Basic Photography”.

A W A R D S   A N D   H O N O R S

  • Master thesis with maximum distinction.  “Linking rails: Railway heritage and the urban shaping of the cultural landscape in the South Railroad, from Central Station to San Bernardo (1905-2012)”.
  • Winner of a FONDART Project: “Worker and Railway Employee Neighborhood: Cultural and Community Management Initiative”.
  • Scholarship from the CONICYT to course Msc. Urban Development (MDU) at IEUT UC.
  • Urban design project with maximum distinction “San Eugenio Scene: from the Industry Work, to a new Creative Space”Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
  • Listed for the architecture students competition of the XVI Architecture Biennale: “Towards an architecture that respects our Earth” with the project “Eco Hotel” at the “Río Clarillo Ecological National Reserve”.



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