Planning & Urban Design


2012- 2013 (Present) Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (IEUT UC) []
  • Student Admission Officer to the “Msc. Urban Development” (MDU) and “Msc. Human Settlements and Environment” (MHM).
  • Proyecto Anillos: “Index of Urban Quality Life” | Analysis of the Regulatory Plans of the Chilean metropolis, in order to assess their intentions to improve the quality of urban life.
  • “Curanipe Urban Forest Park”, part of theSustainable Strategic Rebuilding Plan” (PRES) de Pelluhue | Master planning and landscape design for Curanipe, a coastal town in the south of Chile that was devastated by a tsunami and earthquake in February of 2010.
2011-2012 Cities Observatory of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (OCUC) []
  • Urban Regeneration Plan Mapocho La Chimba” | Master planning and urban design of public space projects for a historic district of Santiago, Chile.
  • “Architectural and Design Identity Handbook” | Technical consulting for a new architectural identity for the tourist information offices of the “National Tourism Service” (SERNATUR) of Chile [Built project].
  • “Valdivia Civic Center Master Plan” | Master planning, urban design and regulatory framework for Valdivia’s civic center, Los Ríos Region, south of Chile.
2010 Kast Architects [].
  • “El Pangue Condominium” in Puerto Varas | Master planning and design of graphic instructions for the joint ownership rules [In construction].
NGO Foundation “Junto Al Barrio” [].
  •  “Football pitch and chapel in Padre Alvaro Lavín School” | Design of a football pitch and new chapel for a vulnerable school in Maipú district in Santiago, Chile [Built project].
2009 Ministry of Public Works (MOP) Department of Architecture (DA) []
  • Ejército BicentenarioBuilding | Professional Practice in the Department of Public Buildings Design of the Architecture Department of the Ministry of Public  Infrastructure (MOP-DA) as technical support to the Tax Inspectorate project [Built project].
2008 Collective Laboratory in Architecture, Urban Planning and Research []
“Patio 29” Memorial at the General Cemetery |Advice on design and execution of plans. Project commissioned by the National Monuments Council, Ministry of National Land and HR Program of the Ministry of Interior [Built project].
2007 Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Centro de Políticas Públicas UC []
  “Parque Pelotillehue” |Practice design consultancy and project management through UC Public Policy. Project commissioned by the Economic Development Department of La Pintana district in Santiago, Chile.

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